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The Active8 Team is led by trainers Kevin and Gerard Claxton. The Active8 Fitness Studio opened its door in 2011 and has been going from strength to strength since then. Both Kevin and Gerard have been involved in physical fitness training from childhood. They have trained and competed in sports such as League Soccer, Amateur Boxing, Martial Arts, G.A.A and Distance Running.

Their passion for sports training and fitness is evident when speaking with them, as is an energy and enthusiasm that is palatable. This energy is conjured by their desire to make fitness and training enjoyable and accessible for all their clients. Kevin and Gerard are constantly training, researching and educating themselves in regards to nutrition and training methods. They push themselves physically and mentally so that they can promote excellence at Active8 Fitness Studio, and impart their wealth of knowledge and experience to all clients.

The Active8 team


City & Guilds (Sports and Leisure Management).  (2001)
Reebok Spinning.  (2001)
ITEC Personal Training  (2010)
TRX Instructor Training  (2012)
ITEC Kettle bell Instructor  (2013)


Strength and Conditioning coaches for Corduff F.C.
Both Kevin and Gerard are members with Crossfit and regularly compete in Crossfit competitions.


Dublin Marathon (2009)
Tough Enough Challenge Australia

Active8's mission..


Currently in Ireland it is estimated that 39% of adults are overweight and approximately 18% are obese. Recent documentation published by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) describes obesity and being overweight as a ‘Global Epidemic’. So educating and encouraging people on the benefits of adopting a healthier lifestyle is vital. B.M.I (Body Mass Index) is used to accurately estimate a person’s total body fat. The amount of fat a person carries is a good indicator of the risk that they have of developing a variety of diseases including, diabetes , heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and certain cancers.

A person with a B.M.I of 30 or more is considered to be in the ‘obese’range. A person with a B.M.I of 25-30 is considered over weight and the risk to their health is increased. A person with a B.M.I of under 25 is considered to be in the normal weight range and their risk of developing conditions such as diabetes and heart disease is minimum.

It is never too late for someone to decide to take control of their weight, and embark on the path of a healthier lifestyle. The Active8 Team have all the experience and knowledge needed to support their clients and help them reach their fitness and weight loss goals.


The benefits of increasing your general strength are not just utilized in the gym! The positive effects of regular strength training can be noticed by people in regards to A.D.L. (activities of daily living).

Research has shown that introducing strength training in to your fitness routine, and combining it with regular aerobic exercise can have a profound impact on your mental and emotional health. You may be surprised to know that increasing your general strength with strength training is actually more beneficial the older you become. With research and scientific studies involving participants of strength training programs, reporting a powerful reduction in the signs and symptoms of numerous diseases and chronic conditions such as Arthritis, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Obesity, Back Pain and Depression.

One study carried out at Tuffs University Medford, M.A. showed the positive results strength training had on woman aged between 50-70 years old. It showed strength training to increase bone density and reduce the risk for fractures amongst this group of women.


Physical health benefits of regular exercise have long been documented. However in recent years researchers have noticed the positive effects regular exercise has on mental well being and helping people to obtain a ‘Positive Body Image’.

“Researchers with the University Of Florida found that people who work out on a regular basis are able to boost their body image whether or not they reach their fitness goals. The study indicated the confidence-building effects of exercise are not related to actual physical results, but perhaps mental.”

The Active8 Team are not only passionate about fitness, training, nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They are also dedicated to motivating and supporting their clients in developing a ‘Positive Mental Attitude’. When it comes to ‘Positive Body Image’, The Active8 Team’s motto is ‘STRONG AND FIT IS THE NEW SKINNY’.!!!!


When devising the training classes and personal training sessions, The Active8 Team took into account the broad spectrum of people they train, and the work and personal commitments these people have day to day. The Active8 Team want to give all their clients the highest quality of training that will produce the best results in the most time effective way.

The ethos at Active8 Fitness Studio is ‘….there are no excuses when it comes to obtaining a fitter and healthier lifestyle. A healthy body and mind is achievable for anyone who wants it…’ And The Active8 Team is ready and waiting to help get you into the best shape of your life with their focused exercises.

When you finish one of The Active8 Team’s full body classes you can rest assured each and every second of the class was used in the most effective way possible. The Active8 Team train REAL people, with REAL lives, and get REAL results!!

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