INTERVAL TRAINING Is a type of training consisting of intense periods of work (repetitions) followed by a recovery (rest) period. Extremely effective method of training when seeking to loose body fat and improve fitness over a short period of time.

SPINNING Is a type of training were you use a stationary bike that has various tension levels. Various movements are performed whilst pedalling. For example, standing up in the saddle, sitting in the saddle. Good for working core muscles, buttocks, thighs and calve muscles.

TRX Is a type of training known as Suspension Training. TRX uses 2 secured, suspended straps allowing you to utilize your own body weight whilst performing different movements/exercises. TRX works you whole body centred on your core, and improving your strength, balance and flexibility.

PLYOMETRICS Are exercises used to help increase speed and strength. Also known a ‘Jump Training’, plyometric exercises involve quick explosive movements. An example of this is a ‘Box Jump’.

CORE STRENGHENING Involves a range of specific exercises designed to increase and improve core stability. The core region being the midsection of the body, where there are muscles running the length of the trunk and torso. A strong core distributes the stresses of weight-bearing and protects the back.

WEIGHT TRAINING Is a type of training that uses weights, i.e. barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells. The basic principles of weight training involve a manipulation of the number of repetitions (reps), sets, tempo, exercise type and weight moved to achieve desired increase in strength, endurance and size. (i.e. 10 reps, of 5kg weight, doing bicep curl exercise.)


leaning out on TRX

The Active8 Team have devised an exciting, high energy fitness class they like to call Interval Fusion. Each Interval Fusion class is 45mins long and is based on the concept of Interval Training, fused with other effective training methods, such as TRX, Spinning, Core Strengthening, Plyometrics and Weight Training.

The combination of these training methods guarantees the client a full body workout that improves aerobic capacity, burns hundreds of calories, and melts away fat whilst still maintaining muscle. Class structures are regularly changed to prevent clients from developing a fitness plateau, and to insure the client never gets bored! Interval Fusion classes are for anyone who wants to improve fitness and get in great shape without having to spend hours in the gym!

The Active8 Team welcomes everyone to give Interval Fusion classes a go! Whether you are a beginner to fitness or someone who is established in a fitness regime. All clients are monitored and guided by The Active8 Team throughout each class. So the only limits are the limits you put on yourself!! The Active8 Team are so sure prospective clients will love Interval Fusion that they offer all new clients a free Introductory class.

What i need to start

All you need to start Interval Fusion classes is some water for hydration, a hand towel, some comfortable gym clothes and to know that you are going to sweat!!!




Calories Burned (500 - 800)

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strength and conditioning trainer instruction

The Active8 Team has introduced Strength and Conditioning classes into the studios schedule since September 2013.

Kevin and Gerard, through their own involvement in strength and conditioning training programs, have noticed an increase in popularity when it comes to this form of training. The Active8 Team has carried through the concept of a ‘FULL BODY WORKOUT’ from their Interval Fusion classes, with emphasis being on developing power and endurance during the Strength and Conditioning classes.

When preparing the Strength and Conditioning program at Active8 Fitness Studio, the trainers had a very clear vision. It was important to the trainers that the class size remained small, (max 12 people per class) not just to allow for ample training space but also to ensure each person gets as much guidance as needed to perfect technique so as to prevent training injuries.

Each Strength and Conditioning class at Active8 Fitness Studio is 45-50 minutes long. The class is comprised of a class briefing, were the trainer will run through and explain the structure of the class. This will remain written on the studio’s white board for the duration of the class. Then the trainer will usually group people together based on strength and ability. Next is the warm up, and then its straight into the workout!

The Active8 trainer will be constantly monitoring each person’s progress during the Strength and Conditioning class, so as they can offer assistance the minute it is needed. Whether that be spotting someone, offering guidance with technique, or offering words of encouragement to someone who is struggling to finish the workout.

Kevin and Gerard have succeeded in designing a Strength and Conditioning program that will bring people to the next level in fitness, and also promotes camaraderie amongst members.

What I need to start

To begin the Strength and Conditioning program, The Active8 Team would recommend that participants have some level of fitness to start with. It is normally advisable to attend one or more of The Interval Fusion classes to allow the trainers to access your fitness and strength levels. The trainers will then advise when and if someone is ready to join the Strength and Conditioning program. The Active8 Team is happy to answer any of your questions.




Calories Burned (600 - 800)

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Personal Training

encouraging a woman doing core work

The Active8 Team has an extensive client base when it comes to Personal Training.

The people that are personally trained at Active8 Fitness Studio come from all walks of life, and have varied reasons for training and varied desired goals. Some being people returning to fitness post op. and post injury, people who want to lose weight, people who want to increase their fitness level, and people who are constraint by time in a busy lifestyle.

Regardless of someone’s reasons for choosing Personal Training at Active8 Fitness Studio, one thing that is universal to all is the quality of training they will receive and the results they will achieve.

On deciding to embark on a personal training program at Active8 Fitness Studio you will meet with one of the trainers for a session, were a full fitness, lifestyle and diet analyses will be completed. Then your goals and expectations will be discussed. Body weight and measurements will be taken and a specific nutrition and fitness program will be tailored to each individual. The tailored plan will not only guide and instruct each client, it will also educate them so they can have a better understanding of how to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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