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GDPR is still alive and well! A review should be done on websites to make sure that it is compliant with the current legislation. For starters, every website should have a cookie banner and linked to that is your cookie policy and your privacy policy.

The banner isn’t just there for show. Only when a visitor accepts cookies can you begin to track them with analytics. If they refuse to accept cookies, then you can’t start your analytics tracking. This go/no-go can be configured through Tag Manager

You must draw up a separate document for cookie policy and a privacy policy and have it displayed on your site. Also, you should review what data you’re collecting from visitors and where they are stored. If you collect data through a web form, you should have a policy as to how that data will be stored and used. This should be part of your privacy policy. You should put a timeline on how long you will store that data, whether it’s six months, a year or two years etc.

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GDPR Check - What we can do

Review the cookie banner so that it complies with the current GDPR legalisation using Tag Manager

If no banner exists, or it’s simply ‘decorative’, that will be corrected.

Review the sites forms and the data retention from those forms. 

Review the policy documents, Cookie and Privacy. Again, if they don’t exist, they will be created.

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Use the contact form and tell us what you require. Critical Updates which include Core, Plugin, and Theme Updates and a Weekly Backup start from €60 (inc. Vat) 


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