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Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tool that allows you to manage and update various codes and code fragments, also known as tags, on a website. Tags are used for different purposes, such as measuring website traffic, tracking conversions, remarketing, and more. With Google Tag Manager, you can easily add, edit, or remove tags without having to modify the source code of your website.

Specifically for an eCommerce site, you can set Tag Manager to ‘tag’ certain events that the eCommerce platforms put into the Data Layer (item view, add to basket, checkout, purchase etc.). You can see a list of events that Google recommends you track with Tag Manager here. Tracking these events is done through Tag Manager and once these are tagged, you can begin to build some fairly detailed reporting on the eCommerce journey on a website.

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Aside from the eCommerce tracking, each business might desire that a visitor reach a specific destination on the site, that they contact you via clicking a phone link (mobile) or connecting via email. You might have company or product information in the form of a PDF that you would like a visitor to download. Theses can be tracked and presented in reports.

When these specific events are triggered, they can be analysed as to where the visitors’ came from that reached that goal. Was it via a Google search, through an email campaign, from social media or advertising? Each of the sources of site traffic can be analysed to see which has the best ROI and a business can begin to see where they should best focuses their efforts.

Tag Manager - What we can do

Add the Tag Manager code to your site

Configure it so your analytics is running via Tag Manager

Discuss what tags/information you require from your site and install them via Tag Manager

Develop reporting for the new information.  

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Use the contact form and tell us what you require. Critical Updates which include Core, Plugin, and Theme Updates and a Weekly Backup start from €60 (inc. Vat) 


About Tag Manager

290148 label price shopping tag tags icon