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A white globe with a magnifying glass showcasing a Search Console.

Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free tool offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results. It is a web-based tool that provides you with insights into how Google sees your website. It monitors (amongst other things):

  • The queries that are used to find your pages
  • The click-through rate (CTR) for your pages
  • The position of your pages in search results
  • Any errors or warnings that Google has found with your site.

If you want to improve your site visibility in Google, then Google Search Console is a must. It’s optional to sign up, but the data and the monitoring of your site it provides can be invaluable. Over time, you can see, through the search console, improvements in page rank following amendments you might make to a page.

For example, you can see the queries where you rank highest – but that may not be the queries that are the most used. Therefore, it flags that you target the higher volume queries on some of your pages. Furthermore, look at the page that has a low click-through rate. You can see them in the search results and see how they compare to results ranked higher.

Search Console - What we can do

Add Search Studio code on the site (if not already there).

Add your site maps so that Google Search bots understand the structure of the site.

Ensure the Search Consol is recognised by Google Analytics and the search data appears in Analytics.

Introduce it into Looker Studio.        

See how we can Help

Use the contact form and tell us what you require. Critical Updates which include Core, Plugin, and Theme Updates and a Weekly Backup start from €60 (inc. Vat) 


About Search Console

A white globe with a magnifying glass showcasing a Search Console.