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Website Updates

Out-of-date WordPress files, themes and plugins can lead to your site being compromised. If malicious code is placed on your site, it will automatically affect your ranking on Google. Google is not going to send any visitors to a site with malicious code. In a day, your site can drop like a stone from search listings and then take half a lifetime to get your position back. So to that end, it is vitally important that you conduct regular updates on the WordPress core, plugins, and themes. Aside from the security aspects, keeping WordPress up to date will have a positive impact on the speed and overall performance of your website.   

WordPress Updates

If a WordPress site is left on its own for a couple of days, you can be guaranteed by the end of that time you’ll need to update plugins, a theme, the WordPress core, or all three. The WordPress core is regularly. These updates come in two forms: major releases and minor releases. A major release is a planned release in the development of the WordPress product and would normally, say, be from 5.9.0 to 6.0.0. A minor release is unscheduled and tends to be in the form of patches or bug fixes which have been caught in the latest update. But, as these are bug fixes, this is why minor releases are really important for site stability. You can automate some of the updates, but it’s best to be in the wheelhouse when these updates are being made. You can see from the screen grab what happened in the back end to one site in the 6.3 updating August as the new version of WordPress clashed with a few popular plugins. It was a relatively easy fix, but if WordPress had been allowed to update automatically, a site owner would have been oblivious to what had happened in the back end. regularly
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Outdated Plug-in Compromised

Plugin and Theme Updates

Out-of-date plugins are the back door that some people need to compromise your site. Most hackers will expose vulnerabilities in coding in old plugins. That’s why it’s so important that each time there’s an update to a plug-in, it’s done with immediate effect on your site.

Likewise, old themes can also expose you to vulnerabilities if they are not updated, and these must be done as the theme developers issued them.

The screenshot is part of the code of an Irish site that either, through a plug-in or theme vulnerability, has been compromised. I know that unwittingly selling these products is certainly not part of their core business! I did inform them of the issue on their site.

Website Updates - What we can do

WordPress core updates are flagged in advance so, they can be prepared for.

These are always manually updated on the day of release.

Plugin updates happen nearly every day, and they are updated daily.

See how we can Help

Use the contact form and tell us what you require. Critical Updates which include Core, Plugin, and Theme Updates and a Weekly Backup start from €60 (inc. Vat) 


About Website Updates

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